Full Figure Bras & Lingerie | About A Private Affair
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aboutAre you “getting by” with stretched out, ill-fitting, unattractive underclothes? Do you dread shopping for bras and bathing suits because nothing ever fits “just right”, and there’s no one in that upstairs corner lingerie department to help you with your unique needs?

At A Private Affair, we believe in turning what is typically a negative experience for women into a positive and ultimately empowering one. We are the Conejo Valley’s only feminine apparel shop specializing in products that will not only enhance your life, but improve the overall quality of it, as well. We specialize in all sizes of bathing suit separates that are both sexy and functional, and carry an expansive selection of beautiful bras that literally fit every body in sizes AA through N. You’ll also find oodles of panties and other lingerie, in brands you will love and trust.

But, what really makes us proud is the care and service we provide to so many of our customers who are navigating their way through the experience of breast cancer and related health issues. Whether you or your friends have completed a lumpectomy, or Mastectomy, our professional and respectful staff will help ensure that you look your best, even when you might not feel your best.

It’s a common misconception that lumpectomies and radiation don’t cause bodily changes that may eventually need to be addressed. I may not see these gals for a couple of years after their procedures, when bras no longer fit properly……sometimes weight loss or gain changes only one side of the body, which can be terribly frustrating. At A Private Affair, we have a whole line of balance forms made specifically for this purpose, along with post-reconstruction bras, custom made breast prostheses, and other products that prove helpful in rebuilding confidence.

Through all of your bodies, changes, we are here for you, in the private and intimate atmosphere of our cozy shop conveniently located in Thousand Oaks.