Mastectomy Care* - A Private Affair Intimate Apparel
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Mastectomy Care*

Mastectomy Care

After your surgery, the last thing you want to do is worry about shopping around for a mastectomy bra or prosthesis. At A Private Affair we understand! We know it can be challenging to discuss your intimate needs associated with finding the right fit any style, but our goal is to make every woman feel confident and look great in everything she wears.

Custom Breast Prostheses by Radiant Impressions

A beautiful option after mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction

Trulife’s custom breast prosthesis, Radiant Impressions, is a non-surgical breast reconstruction option for women who have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction surgery. A realistic prosthesis that provides symmetry to your bra fit . Made of 100% natural silicone, the custom breast prosthesis is lightweight and can be worn directly against the chest wall in a non pocketed bra. Radiant Impressions is soft and comfortable to wear over implants and over breast tissue that has changed in size due to radiation.

Now Introducing New Scan Technology with the Apple iPad and Structure Sensor Scanner!

With the push of a button, precise and rapid 3D Scanning captures the intimate details of your chest wall in seconds. A Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis is then handcrafted with care by experienced artisans that understand how to match your individual contour, shape and profile. One of 36 skin tones and a nipple impression are added to make the prosthesis unique to you.

To learn more about Radiant Impressions by Trulife, schedule your personal 3D Scan Session with a Certified Fitter at A Private Affair.

Scanning appointments every Tuesday.

Call (805) 374-2293 to make your appointment.

Click here for more information on Radiant Impressions Custom Prostheses