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Privacy Policy

Credit & Financial Information Privacy Policy


A Private Affair wishes to assure you, our website visitor, that our desire always is to maintain absolute integrity in the collection and use of private, personal credit or financial information provided to us by our customers. For this reason we present here the A Private Affair Credit & Financial Information Privacy Policy to state publicly our position on this extremely important issue.

How We Collect Information

A Private Affair does not collect personal information without your knowledge during your visit to our stores or this website. Rather, we use totally open means for collecting information we deem appropriate to conclude a purchase transaction or any other interaction with this company in a business-like and orderly manner.

On our website, we do not use so-called “cookies” or other software applets to collect information as we deem the use of these to be an inappropriate intrusion upon your computer system and your privacy.

What Type Of Information Do We Need Or Keep?

Under various circumstances, either here in this website or in other forms of communication with you, we may ask that you provide us with personal credit or financial information. The type of information we request almost always is totally consistent with the type of communication or transaction underway with our company. In all cases, except possibly a telephone communication, you will quickly recognize that we follow reasonably consistent patterns of inquiry. On this website, we use email message forms with specifically stated “required” fields.

How We Use The Information

A Private Affair is very concerned that at all times we respect your privacy whether during your visit to our website or during other occasions of interaction with this company. Consistent with that objective, we hereby declare we will not share, sell, lease, or rent your confidential information with any entity that is not directly linked to or an integral part of A Private Affair. Further, we will always endeavor to take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of the information you provide to us.


Our online store uses encryption to protect sensitive data transmissions from your computer to our e-commerce system. When shopping through our website, you will be able to see that such encryption is active by observing a “padlock” icon at the bottom of your browser’s window.

Effects Of Hyperlinks To Other Related websites

We must advise you that when you elect to activate a hyperlink taking you from this website to another website, you almost always will be outside the limits of the this Privacy Policy. Once you activate such a hyperlink and enter a different website, you will be subject to the privacy policy (if any) of the site to which you have just visited. A Private Affair cannot be responsible for the actions of other organizations with respect to the security, use, or disposition (including their use of “cookies” or other software applets) of personal information supplied by you to such other websites.

Right To Modify This Policy

A Private Affair reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. When such changes are made, they will be posted in this location.